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Etrog and Lulav Set — Best Pricing

Etrog and lulav set includes:

◌ nice Lulav

◌ beautiful Etrog

◌ 3 Haddasim

◌ 2 vacuum-packed aravot

◌ koishele

Our items are very well packed and certified kosher.

Fresh Products Shipping time: all sets will arrive within five days of Sukkot to ensure freshness.


About Our Products

From private orchards in Morocco, Etrog Global provides the most beautiful etrogim in the New York area. When you are looking for an etrog and lulav set for sale as you prepare for Sukkot, choose Etrog Global.

We take great care in shipping each etrog and lulav set to ensure that it arrives kosher for your holiday, and we ensure that every set arrives within five days of Sukkot.

We grade all of our products and group them together by class, which allows us to offer you cost-effective and high-quality options for your Sukkot. Whether you want the highest quality or a good price, you can find what you want with Etrog Global.

In addition to individual and wholesale etrog and lulav sets for sale, we offer “plush” etrog and lulav replicas, which are a great way to teach children about the holiday of Sukkot and help them learn how to perform the mitzvah and celebrate the bounty of the Holy Land.

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