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Etrog & Lulav Mefoar Set – Etrog, Lulav, Hadassim, Aravot & Kaishla – 4 Species


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A beautiful ‘Arba Minim Set’ with a nice ‘Etrog’  that has a beutifull straight shape clean with less sopts, more about the different in grades
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Buy now with a click of a button A Beautiful lulav etrog etrog set ‘Arba Minim Set’ with a nice ‘etrog’ that has a beautiful straight shape clean with less sopts, includes etrog, lulav, 3 hadassim, 2 arvot, and get delivered freshly to your door before yom tov…! this year U’ll get your lulav etrog with ease, At Etrog Global we invest a tremendous amount of money and effort, traveling to third-world countries and clamoring over mountains to bring you a Pri Eitz Hadar. Every single etrog is handpicked and secured using special techniques to protect it from developing marks that can make an etrog posul. Etrog Global is not here to compete for the lowest prices and give you a etrog that may well not be kosher and is certainly not hadar. We promise to deliver you a true Pri Eitz Hadar that is much more than just kosher. we bring you the best, Under the strict sububervisun of the hisacdas harabonim of usa and canada. more about the different in grades
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