Four Kinds for All

Sukkot is a time of joy and gratitude. We help you express it with our arba minim sets that you can order online. We ship quality and kosher four species to any location in the US. Experience this wonderful mitzvah with us.

Choose your set

  • All 4 kinds

    pre-bound and ready to use

  • 100% certified kosher

    by reputable rabbis

  • Secured packaging

    Delivered safely and kosherly.

  • Affordable prices

    and great customer service

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What is the difference from the $55 to the $85

The 85 Is More מהודר

How do I keep it fresh

The Hadassim and aravat place in the fridge, and the Lulav and etrog in room temputure

When will my Set arrive

To ensure freshness, all orders will be shipped 6 days before Sukkot with 2-day shipping.

Do i need to prepare it?

No, our sets is raedy to use

Whats included in a set?

Each set includes all 4 kinds and a special case to bind it together

Till when can I order to receive it before Yom tov

You can order until 6 days before sukkot